The Madness to our Method

Our approach is holistic, our goal is simple: create comps that are indistinguishable from final commercial product.

How Comps Support You

Our comprehensives serve as an informational guidepost for all stakeholders involved in package design development.

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    Design Management

    You can focus on concepts that can actually be produced.
    No more “over-promising” to marketing or upper management. Supply chain logistics are involved from the beginning.
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    You’ll discover the potential of your design. Explore color, printing techniques, specialty inks, varnish effects, and substrate options.
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    You are involved early, to mutually identify any concerns before press. No re-inventing the wheel–all the tweaking was done within the Comp Process. The Comp becomes a standard for production.
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    You are also involved during design development to identify any concerns early-on. There are no surprises when the Comp we developed to your specifications becomes a measurable, achieveable target press-side.


Discover Potential

Our nimble process allows you to investigate multiple print effects and materials simultaneously, to visualize design approaches quickly, and drive innovation.

Avoid Surprises

Print-feasible comprehensives show realistic representions of your design by incorporating technical execution,
while remaining faithful to your intent.

Control Consistency

Our Comprehensives set Global Standards for all stakeholders–ensuring brand and product-line fidelity.

Waste Not

Our approach assures design, pre-media and print partners engage to share intelligence early. You save time and money resolving issues prior to going on press.

Our trust policy

Our clients trust their work is treated with the highest regard for confidentiality, and Inwork delivers on this promise. We’ve successfully worked with competing entities–without job cross-over, neglect, or interest conflicts–for over 20 years.

We assume responsibility for the security of your job like our reputation depends on it—because it does. We are happy to comply with NDA’s or confidentiality agreements as requested.