Enamel Health

A Sensory Experience


Enamel Health was Colgate’s largest new product launch in years. A key objective was on pack communication ofthe innovative product benefit that halts tooth erosionwith an authentic and distinctive manner.



Our approch was a multi-sensory success! What began as a question about a benefit, how the product halts erosion of healthy enamel, turned into a full blown study of effects that could illustrate rough, hard, smooth and shiny. What was once a sandpaper effect morphed into an embossed texture. The trademark “pillars of light” hologram background picked up an exra kick through the use of registered fresnel lenses to highlight and deepen the benefits illustrations.This is now one of the brand’s largest variants and the packaging winner of the year from AIMCAL.





  • Custom Swatches
  • Exploratory Studies
  • Design Actualization
  • Research Stimuli
  • Authentic Comprehensives
  • Print Targets
  • Production Support