MTN DEW The Ghosts
of Voo-Dew Past

Just in time for Halloween!
There’s a strange new shop filled with odds and ends of things unseen and unheard. In this Emporium lies the book with a cover that beckons and draws you in. It’s Grimm’s grimoire of flavor secrets. Discover Halloween’s secrets, recite the incantation’s and resurrect the Ghosts of Voodew Past.
A collaboration with the PepsiCo Design & Innovation team.
Meticulously crafted leather bound book with gold foil and embossing
The initial pages of the book tell the story on authentic textured paper
The past year’s Voo-Dew Flavors rise from their indivdual crypt’s

The Ghosts of Voo-Dew Past, where all past Voo-Dew flavors reunite in one epic experience