Influencer Gifting:
Why the unboxing experience matters.

Beauty shot of a pride themed Influencer Gifting Unboxing Experience for Quinn, featured iconic limited edition pink Quinn heapdhones.
Why are brands gifting products to influencers?
Influencer gifting is a social media strategy where brands send free products to online content creators. Part of the multibillion dollar influencer marketing industry, these gifts prompt influencers to talk about a brand’s products to their followers.
 Influencer outreach has become an essential part of a brand’s plan for social media marketing. This is because user generated content resonates much better with consumers than branded advertisements.
Unlike sponsored promotions, which can struggle to appear genuine, content creators are encouraged to authentically engage with brands and review their products. As part of a brand’s social media plan, user generated content is meant to drive awareness and visibility through online excitement.
Beauty shot of an influencer marketing unboxing experience for the limited edition collaboration between pepsi and Peeps.
Social media strategy meets brand activation.
Influencer kits, also called product seeding kits and PR kits, are custom promotional packages used for influencer gifting. Seeding kits are exclusive, visually striking brand activations designed to create an exciting and shareable unboxing experience.
For an effective social media marketing campaign, brands need to give influencers something that will impress their followers. Custom influencer kits and amazing unboxing experiences achieve this by integrating the benefits of experiential marketing into a brand’s social media plan.
By prompting content creators to record and share the unboxing experience, influencer seeding kits create anticipation and leverage the influencer’s genuine reactions. The best brand activations spark conversations and remain relevant as they become a staple part of an influencer’s collection. 

Beauty shot of a social media marketing unboxing experience for the limited edition collaboration between Mountain Dew Game Fuel and Xbox's Halo and Diablo IV.
Micro influencers and social media targeting.
In social media marketing, “targeting” is the process of identifying and reaching a specific audience with a digital marketing campaign. Social media targeting ensures brands are investing in the audience that has the highest chance of converting into new customers.
For product seeding and influencer gifting, one of the best social media targeting strategies is micro influencer marketing. Unlike macro influencers with massive followings, micro influencers have smaller audiences (10k – 100k) that are highly engaged with their content.
Micro influencers create niche content about a specific topic, leading to high engagement rates from a small but committed community. When PR gifting aligns with a micro influencer’s lifestyle and interests, the content they produce feels more relatable, encouraging followers to trust their recommendations.

In short…

Influencer gifting is one of the best social media marketing strategies for product seeding. A one-of-a-kind unboxing experience will make micro influencer engagement part of your experiential marketing strategy.

With custom influencer kits, your brand can start targeting the right social media audience to raise awareness and drive online hype.