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Gillette Venus

Inspired by the beauty and shimmering rainbow of mother-of-pearl, we reproduced this effect through the more eco-friendly approach of printed iridescent effect pigment, eliminating the use of holographic plastic film.

Colgate Swish

Refreshing mouthwash sold in a forever recyclable aluminum bottle. A stand out from the ubiquitous clear plastic bottle.

Gillette Planet Kind

Packaging made from 85% recycled paper for a line of products that are kind to skin and planet.

Hair Food

A premium kit, constructed from responsibly sourced and fully recyclable materials. Eco foils were selected to offer a highly reflective gold while avoiding the use of plastic transfer film.

Herbal Essences

Long-lasting aluminum bottles meant to be perpetually refilled. An innovative move towards reducing plastic packaging in the hair care category. 

We help brands develop uncompromising, sustainable packaging design. Every detail is meticulously refined and opportunities are thoughtfully explored. Whether a premium or simple pack, all of our solutions consider eco-friendly materials, inks, finishes and effects.
At Inwork, we challenge the perception that sustainable packaging can’t look beautiful.

We help you with

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  • Post consumer recycled.
  • Carbon balanced paper.
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Paper Alternatives
  • Molded fiber.
  • Sugarcane derivates.
  • Mycelium.
  • Beeswax.
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Plastic Alternatives
  • Wood-pulp cellulose film.
  • Sugarcane bioresin.
  • Recyclable and reusable aluminum.
  • Bamboo.
  • Cornstarch.
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  • Water based inks.
  • Soy based vegetable inks.
  • Ultraviolet light dried inks.
  • Algae ink.
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Finishes and Effects
  • Eco Foils (film free).
  • Metallic Inks.
  • Cast and Cure.
  • EcoFX.
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Films & Coatings
  • Cellulose lamination.
  • Aqueous coating.
  • Metallised transfer coating.

Sustainable packaging design trends for 2023

Stay current, explore, and promote the latest sustainable packaging print and substrate technologies for your brand and organization. Our custom-made toolkits feature printed samples, materials, and suppliers.