The Nature of a Goddess

We partnered with a women’s natural deodorant brand to create a design that celebrated both
the uniqueness of every woman and the benefits of ingredients from nature.

We chose Gaia as the name of the brand because she is the Goddess of Earth and all living things.
We see Gaia’s strength and nurture in every woman, and the growing interest in understanding
how their body reacts to natural ingredients versus artificial.

Every woman’s body is unique and something to celebrate

For the design, we created a set of modern silhouettes that peek into colorful vignettes of
nature. While each design is unique from the other, it is still capable of creating a strong brand block at shelf.

Colorful depictions of women and nature working together.
Bright, modern color palette that’s display worthy

Creating the Brand World

Here we reveal the women behind the silhouettes, integrating the distinctive patterns
used on the packaging in advertising, displays and social media.