Celebrating Age.
Bolder, not older.

HB hair biology
P&G’s new innovative hair care line blends sophisticated beauty with bold confidence, connecting with consumer’s hair challenges as they age. 
Utilizing simple typographic treatment and vibrant color blends, we designed and developed a brand look and feel that connects with these consumer’s needs and desires. Through the seamless convergence of design and production excellence, we were able to get from visual positioning to finalization for a wide range of everyday and seasonal packs and POS display in record time.


Color Pallette

Spirit & Confidence:
communicated through a bold and vibrant color palette

Jewel Tones:
saturated hues for richness, femininity and glamour

warm gold pairs with the sparkling jewel tones for a sleek, luxurious feel

adding depth and reflectivity for a visually striking finish
HB hair biology

Hair Biology is currently seen as the best performing new brand at P&G

HB hair biology