A Radiant Skin Care Collection.

Gillette Venus entered a new beauty category with the launch of its first-ever dermaplaning skin care range.

We partnered with the Venus team as we designed a pack that features a simple, contoured face/chin shape. The minimal shape identifies the collection as a regimen that is specifically for the face that coveys a comforting smooth feel. A combination of deep teal, that embodies Venus’ origin from the sea, along with a subtle, metallic shimmer, both disrupts the shelf and elevates the premium-tier product. A truly radiant package.

Design Development

Color Pallette

Deep Teal & Water Texture
Venus’ origin from the sea

Silver Foil
Accents on product photography

A subtle shimmer across all facial shapes

Spot Gloss
On selected elements
for added contrast
Face Shape and Water Texture
Metallic Shimmer
Spot Gloss
Safety was top of mind, and clearly communicated by the Skin Defense Guard, a rounded protective tip.

A trio of products designed to create a simple dermaplaning routine at-home. 

The unboxing experience