The Joy of Cooking

T-fal heating up the kitchen
With well over 80% of all meals prepared at home, our deep dive into the cookware category presented unbound opportunities. Working on both the premium All-Clad brand and T-fal, the best-selling mass cookware brand in the U.S, we designed packaging and POS experiences built upon both brand’s equities and current challenges.
T-fal heating up the kitchen
We used scale, movement, blocking and consistent benefit placement to deliver an elevated emotional connection and a shop-able brand experience
All-clad metalcrafters

A unique variant color-coding system and appealing everyday recipe photography cues approachability to the Essentials line for this professional brand

The development of angled, overhead and action food photography, draws the shopper into the action
Visual stacking communication doubles as an item content chart
T-fal heating up the kitchen